Our customers tend to fall into two different groups:

  1. Guys getting married that have never worn a wedding ring (or any jewelry for that matter).
  2. Guys that are already married and are upgrading or replacing their original wedding ring.

In either case, proper sizing can be really challenging- jewelry store ring sizers, paper sizers etc… won’t let you know how your wedding ring feels throughout your day/week. So… in order for you the customer to really know what you are getting into and to really nail proper size the first time, every ring ordered will begin with you being mailed a test set of 5 rings- the size the store said you need, and two 1/2 size smaller and two 1/2 size larger.When you get your test rings, try them out for a while. People’s fingers shrink and swell a bit throughout their day due to exercise and hydration. Try to find the ring that feels best during this range- not constrictive, but not sloppy. If you have large knuckles, use the included razor blade and carefully cut ring as in picture. Use included Steri-Strip to close (important). Once you feel really good about “the one”, email us your results. Important- we now make all of our rings in 1/4 sizes, so if you feel you are between 1/2 sizes just let us know.